Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RUMOR CONTROL: 'The Game' Not Picked Up by BET

Rumors and Gossip has been swirling the Rumor Mill about The Game getting picked up by BET and they were filming in Atlanta. SO NOT TRUE!!!

Tia Mowry confirmed via Twitter :
"Just felt the need to give an update on THE GAME. So far we have not heard anything on the show. Anything you hear is all gossip and rumors."

She continues.....
"No BET had NOT picked us up. FACT But it is all good! The cast is continuing to do amazing things. Let us continue to support . If you have not heard it from me, Hosea, Pooch, Wendy, Brittany, or Coby it is NOT true. The first to know would be us believe that."

Isn't twitter such a wonderful thing?!?! Rumors can get SHUT DOWN fast! LOL

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