Friday, September 18, 2009

Atlanta Housewives Alter Ego's


Kim (she's my fave housewife)



If you missed The Real Housewives of Atlanta, you missed the housewives alter ego's. The housewives did a photo shoot with Derek Blanks, a well known celebrity photographer in the ATL known for his Alter Ego shoots. He did a fab job, as usual. My best Alter Ego is Kandi. It has meaning and she did a great job. I think Kim's ego is HAUTE but I think she should have possibly thought outside the box a little and did something a lil more daring. NeNe's ego is OFF THE CHAIN! S he sure knows how to have a good time. Her ego is HAUTE. :)
I need to call Derek Blanks (follow him on twitter @dblanks ) to do me an alter ego....Hmmmmm, what would MY alter ego be?????

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