Thursday, August 6, 2009

J.R. Smith Gang Signs?? -- Get The Heck Outta Here!!!

OK, I saw this and had to put in my two cents... Are you serious? Are you kidding me?? Do people not know this is a KAPPA sign and KAPPA's are known to replace their "c" with a "k"?? OMG, I can't believe how crazy media is sometimes. WOW!! Please correct me if I am wrong! hahhaa

Via Media Outrage: Denver Nuggets guard J.R. Smith deleted his Twitter account after journalists started speculating on whether or not he was using “Gang” terminology and phrases. Some of the writings they say are vernacular associated with the “Bloods.”
Via Yahoo:
Hours after The Denver Post raised questions about whether his tweets were written in a way commonly associated with street gangs, Nuggets guard J.R. Smith pulled the plug on his Twitter page on Tuesday. He presumably didn’t think it was worth all the bad publicity.
His last message to fans before it was closed late Tuesday afternoon: “ok people i love all of my fans im sorry but this will be my last tweet you know why but it is what it is love all an tke Care”
Smith’s tweets raised print eyebrows after someone noticed he was occasionally replacing words that would have a “C” in them with a “K,” giving some the impression of an association with the Bloods street gang. (Kudos for the capital “C” jab above, kid.) Smith tried to correct the issue in a tweet late Monday night, but ultimately decided to close the account, according to The Denver Post.

Via Mediaoutrage- Some people are just not that SMART. You’re a million dollar athlete with a lot of followers that have access to everything you write, why would you jeaopardize your job by using “gang” terminology? SMH.

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