Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nivea Expecting Baby #4

Singer Nivea who was linked with rapper Lil Wayne and ex-wife of R&B Singer/Writer, The Dream is expecting baby #4. She currently has a daughter and twin boys with The Dream, who is currently dating Christina Milian. Nivea is "rumored" to be pregnant by Lil Wayne. Why is it that everyone is in her business as far as who she is pregnant by? Actress/Model Lauren London is also pregnant and "rumored' to be pregnant by Lil Wayne also. hahah This is all hilarious to me. I mean come one, if both women ARE indeed pregnant, isn't that their business??? I'm sure Lil Wayne will be a great father to them both, if he IS the father. In my honest opinion, I think Nivea has moved on and Lil Wayne is a thing of the past! Now, can we let this go??!?? LOL

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