Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Dream & Chritina Milian...When Will They Jump The Broom?

It’s no surprise that the Singer Christina Milan and producer/singer fiance' The Dream are engaged. They both were spotted together on number of occasions. First they put up this front of being “just friends", later they were spotted in Hawaii on Maui beach holding hands and playing kissy-face. And now after long dismissing claims of an engagement, the R&B singer and actress confirms to Us Magazine she will walk down the aisle with music producer/singer The Dream.
"We don’t have plans yet — but it hasn’t [already] happened, that I can confirm," Milian, 27, on Saturday’s Venom Energy and Trainwreck party for music executive Billy Clark, of her upcoming nuptials. "We just want to have our closest friends and family there; it’s not going to be too big."
The-Dream, who presented Milian with a six-carat diamond from Ivanka Trump’s jewelry line, says the couple is already thinking about kids. Awwww, isn't love just BEAUTIFUL!?!?!

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