Thursday, May 21, 2009

"The Game" Has Been CANCELLED!

Tia Mowry confirmed the news on twitter last night. Sorry for the late reply but I was still catching up with all my twitter updates...

via "It is OFFICIAL that THE GAME has been cancelled :( Just got the call from Mara! I am sad to bring this news! It also looks like BET will not be picking us up either. I did not get any news on that, which makes me think that is dead too. Again, I just want to thank all THE GAME fans for everything!!!! You all rock!"

I'm just glad the season finale basically answered all of our questions and didn't leave us hanging...Tasha Mack got back with "Rick Fox". Jason Pitts finally showed Kelly Pitts he didn't love her anymore and Kelly finally saw it with her own eyes. Derwin had his baby with Janae (Derwin Jr.) and he and Melanie finally got married! So there you have it, it was a great finale to a wonderful season!!!

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ForeverYoung said...

OMG!! iam so upset! I cant believ its canceled, what they going to show in CW? bs stupid shows!? well they lost me as a viewer i make sure i dont even turn on to that channel no more!