Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chris Brown In Miami

Reports are that Chris and Rihanna are back together. Its good that she is willing to give him a second chance. Everyone makes mistakes! The saying is, "Forgive but don't Forget!" Let's hope that he doesn't do this again and learns from his mistakes and gets the help that he needs. I know everyone won't agree with me on this one. But I say, Rihanna do YOU!!!! It seems Chris and Rihanna has spent time together and staying at Diddy's house in Miami. Here are pics of Chris kickin it in Miami while Rihanna stayed behind at the house. :-)


Anonymous said...

AH HELL NAH! What do you mean by saying "It's good she took him back. Everyone makes mistakes?" That's some old crap and you being a woman should know that! I'm disappointed with that. Girl come on

StylishandSexy said...

Hello "Anonymous"! LOL Yep, you read it correctly, thats what I said. Unless you were in the car with the two, I don't think you or I can speak on it. So as I said, I support her 100% and I am glad to see they are working things out. Have a great day!