Monday, February 9, 2009

Chris Brown Physically Abusive to Rihanna?????

The Grammy Awards are no doubt the biggest night for the music industry, which is why it was seriously surprising when both Chris Brown and Rihanna failed to show up for their scheduled performances. A publicist for Brown declined to comment, but the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that the 19-year-old singer was under investigation for felony domestic battery stemming from an incident the night before. Brown and a female companion (Rihanna) allegedly got into a disagreement after attending Clive Davis' annual Pre-Grammy Bash. The argument apparently got out of hand and police told E! News that "the woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker." The identity of the woman has not been released, but E! News reports that unknown sources have identified Rihanna as the alleged victim. A representative for Rihanna told E! that the singer was in a traffic mishap and is fine, but would not be attending the Grammy Awards. LAPD is apparently searching for Brown, telling E!: When we can find him we will take him into custody for questioning," says Officer Karen Smith, an LAPD spokeswoman. "If there is probable cause for an arrest, then he will be arrested."

This is so disheartening. Noone wants to think Chris Brown is a woman beater. This could very much end his career. Who wants to support a woman beater? I know if its true, I sure won't cause I love me some Rihanna!!! Stay tuned...

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ecrunner said...

You are right, who would support a woman beater?! Especially when more than half of your fans are women!! What an idiot and I really hope that she is ok! His career is over or at least it should be and his ratings are going to start dwindling down drastically!