Monday, November 10, 2008

For The Fellas: Roy Jones Jr. Needs To Retire!

ROY JONES JR admitted he didn’t know what to do after felling Joe Calzaghe in the first round.
Jones was content to follow a rope-a-dope formula in the hope of letting the Welshman punch himself out in their Ring Magazine light-heavyweight title showdown in New York.
But Jones (below) said the first-round knockdown threw his own tactical strategy into the air. “When I had him down, I had two plans,” Jones said.
“I couldn’t make up my mind. I wanted to go at him, and then I didn’t want to go at him.
“I started punching too big and I got out of my fight game.”

By the seventh round, Jones’ pace had slowed considerably as Calzaghe continued to land and forced the tiring American back. One of Calzaghe’s many flush shots ripped open a cut over Jones’ left eye and blood streamed down his face.
“I think he caught me with a right hook that cut my eye,” Jones said.
“I was like ‘whoa’. I’ve never been cut before. But I’m game, I’m going to fight ’til the end always.
“I gave my best effort, but that guy was the better man.
“He won the fight, he definitely won the fight.”

Well, there it is fellas. Your boy Roy Jones lost to Joe Calzaghe! What do you say you retire now Roy, before it gets worse.

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