Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Curtis Conway, Jr. - 9 weeks old

Proud parents, Laila Ali and Curtis Conway showed off new pictures of their baby boy CJ, on their blog. Laila talks about her biggest struggle since becoming a mother- BREASTFEEDING!

"People always ask me what is the biggest surprise about motherhood. Well that answer is easy for me - my biggest surprise was the fact that breast-feeding is so challenging! Boy, now I know why so many women can’t or don’t hang in there with it. When a woman decides to nurse her child, she practically becomes a 24-hour milk machine! Not to mention the soreness that comes along with it. You better believe that I got a hold of a breast pump machine real quick so that my husband can help feed the baby at night and during the day!!! No matter how tiring breast-feeding is, I will continue to do it for at least 6 months. There are so many health benefits for babies who are nursed and I can’t imagine not taking advantage of the custom made supply that God gave me for my child."
He is soooo cute and adorable!

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