Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Punked Out Hair...

Rihanna, Tamyra Gray, and Sylvia Rhone

1. Kizzi Stay-Put Hair Pomade, $9.50, www.carolsdaughter.com; 2. Moisturizing Silkening Liquid-Gel by Miznai, $13.96, www.just4beauty.com; 3. Bumble and bumble Sumo Wax, $21.95, www.folica.com; 4. Color Brilliance SilKomb 50, $4.99, www.sallybeauty.com; 5. Tool Science Nano Silver Paddle Brush, $6.99, www.sallybeauty.com; 6. Dirt Texturizing Paste by Jonathan, $14, www.sephora.com; 7. Elucence Extended Moisture Repair Treatment, $15.99, www.culmart.com; 8. L'Oreal Color Rays in Red, $10.99, www.drugstore.com

Long hair is so overrated?????????? Yes, it's versatile but there's nothing more confident than a woman who can wear her hair short with confidence. I have long hair and have been trying to get up enough nerve to cut it for quite some time now...
For those of you already sporting a cropped hairstyle you might consider trying the spiked looks above. Rihanna's hairstlye is especially fabulous - it has a hard edge but is soft enough to wear on an everyday basis. The products above can help you achieve these looks. The most important is hair wax and the stay-put pomade. If you want your style to last all day, carry the pomade/wax with you so you can retouch when needed.

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