Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jessica Alba On Losing That Post Baby Weight..

All of my girlfriends are currently expecting babies. They all are already thinking about loosing the baby weight. Here is how Jessica lost all her weight in just 2 months.
The actress has a protein-packed breakfast that can include oatmeal, turkey bacon or egg whites; a lunch of fish and salad; and a dinner of chicken breast with brown rice. In between meals, she snacks on fruit, almonds or cheese. The meal plan is reasonable, considering that Jessica has always preferred healthy food.
In terms of workouts, Jessica returned to the gym three weeks after giving birth, starting off simply with 25 minutes of crunches or other core exercises. Eventually, she added 20 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of chest presses and lunges to her routine, and now hits the gym for an hour six days a week, combining all three types of workouts.
Jessica, who gained 35 pounds during her pregnancy, has so far lost 25, thanks in part to nursing. Jessica says, "I lost the tummy just breastfeeding" and is hiking and boxing in her free time to help melt off the final 10. She always gives 100 percent and her body shows it.

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