Thursday, June 12, 2008

Laila Ali Reveals Her Baby Bump

In a Palmer's Ad- used to keep away and get rid of stretch marks!

Boxer Laila Ali, who is 7 months pregnant, is offering advice to couples on how to maintain a bond during pregnancy. Here are five tip from Laila:

1.Exercise together: Taking long walks is particularly good for bonding and for your health
2.Massage: Have the baby’s father give you a massage or get a couple’s massage
3.Decorate the nursery together — Let him be part of the process!
4.Take a Baby-Moon(take a trip by yourself)
5.Choose a name for your child

*** I know I've been doing a lot of baby/pregnancy posts lately. I have 2 god-babies on the way- due October and January! (1 is a boy, the other still waiting to find out the sex) AND a baby cousin- it's a girl- in July). So I'm all into baby stuff right now!! (smile)

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